Horse riding again!

This year I am going to be embracing my favourite sport again at UEA! Horse riding is something I have always loved doing, and which I have done throughout my childhood and early teen years. Unfortunately, when I got a bit older I gave it up because I got to a level where I was too good for the regular juvenile lessons, but couldn’t afford to start taking it to the serious level with owning my own horse and more intense training and competitions. For a while after dropping out of the lessons and looked after a lovely fjording (Norwegian breed of horse) called Øydis for a little over a year. When she sadly died, I found myself being in a place where school became my priority, and so my life with horses stopped. BUT not now! For my birthday Mum and Dad agreed to help me pay for lessons at the Equestrian society at UEA!  UEA will be a great opportunity to do horse riding again, with people my age and hopefully at a similar experience level!  Maybe after a bit of training I can join the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) team and do some competitions, but maybe that is getting a bit too ahead of myself! Competing would be fun though, as I actually never had the courage to take that step when I was younger.

In addition to this, a friend on my ecology course and I are in the process of booking a horse riding trek in Ireland for our day off when we can do some activities and go a bit exploring! What better way to see Ireland than on horse back? Should be stunning and so much fun!

gullbrand (6)

(I just had to include some photos of me from when I was younger)

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