Settling into the new house

After a long day travelling on Monday I finally arrived at my new house on Friends Road! It was lovely feeling looking down on England again with it’s long green flatness of patchwork and fair skies. Travelling was hectic though! On the tube the circle line to Liverpool street from Victoria was suspended and I was standing by the platform like a lemon. Luckily though, a lovely old man was heading in the same direction as me and helped me get through to my destination on the tube on a different route.



The house itself is great although there are a lot of things that need to be done. It feels a bit empty with just Katharine and myself only here, but it’s so nice to be settling in! My room is a bit bare and cold, but it is a nice size, and lovely and bright! I can’t wait to get it all personalized and decorated. We have started packing out, done some food shopping, installed the internet and found out stuff about the house that we need to contact the agent about so we can get fixed. I was planning on getting my English bank account set up today but was missing some documents, so I have to go back tomorrow and get that sorted!




A tour of our house through my phone photos!

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