Bowthorp Marshes

Yesterday I decided I had spent too much time inside and that I needed to get myself out of the house (despite feeling ill) and get some fresh air, so I decided to go and check out my new neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is nice and quiet and clean, and very pleasant for a evening walk. Luck has it though that i discovered a little forest path in the middle of all these houses that eventually lead me to a little surprise! Not far from where I live and the campus is yet another nature reserve, where I can escape away too to see a bit of wildlife and get some peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the roads and cars. It was a really lovely discovery, and I can’t wait to return again and do a proper walk of the area. Yesterday it was getting a bit dark, so I decided to just take a small stroll at the edges of the reserve, and film a bit of wildlife on my new phone camera! I saw lots of insects, fish, Moore hens, horses and a little cat.








Bowthorpe marshes from Eleanor Charnock on Vimeo.

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