Ireland part 1

So on the 6th of September I travelled to Ireland as part of the fieldcourse for a module I am having this year called field Ecology. Unfortunately, My excitement level that day was bar zero as I was battling a cold and feeling quite terrible. After a long day by plane and bus we arrived at Inch (in the South West of Ireland) where we would be staying and was designated rooms with various people. Too tired to really pay attention I just followed the people in my house and fell into bed as soon as I got there. When I woke up next morning I was quite surprised when I looked out my window. Is this Ireland or the tropics?? Turns out I was in a house called the Jungle House which had a garden with every non- native species you could possibly imagine. It was so funny I was laughing like crazy!



I shared the house with four others: The organizer of the trip, Iain, and three other students called Jake, Sam and Bryony. They were so nice and we got along incredibly well! Luck has it that Jake enjoys cooking and makes incredible food, so I ate well the two weeks there! Oh, and if you look beyond the palm trees and tropical flora my view was pretty amazing as well. We were overlooking Inch Beach and the sea!


On the first day the organizers took us on a trip of the area of the Dingle Penninsula to see the stunning country of Ireland, and it was just awesome. I was lucky enough to see Ireland in stunning weather, and it was just so incredibly beautiful I couldn’t get over myself. I understand why it’s called the land of the green, it is so lush and coloured in all shades of green! The cliffs that go into the water are so incredible too! Absolutely stunning country.




From the left: Matt, Rose, Maya, Emily, Stephany and Faye, all on my ecology course!


On the way back from the trip we stopped at Dingle for some food shopping. The picture below is us at the till. LOOK at how much food there is! Haha for ONE week. It’s incredible how much five people can eat collectively. After the shopping I went for a little walk around Dingle to take inn the “typical Irish town” scene. Dingle is really pretty and cute with colourful houses and the harbour. So picturesque!





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