Aquatic ecology!

This week I have started up again with lectures and work, and it’s actually been quite nice getting into a bit more of a routine again (have made myself some proper meals and tried to follow a bit of a budget, and done bits and bobs that needed to be done before settling in)! Today I had my second lecture followed by Lab work in my module Aquatic ecology! I am really excited about this module actually! It sounds really interesting and covers a lot of aspects on the subject, everything from understanding the abiotic component of the aquatic habitat (like the chemical composition, geology and landscape, etc.) and the biotic (ecosystems and biodiversity). We haves started off by looking at the composition of ions in waters, and which means that today I was dealing with titrations and chemistry. Ha.. almost a year and a half since I was just finished doing two years of chemistry at videregående and being reasonably good at it (and looking forward to putting it behind me for forever). Thank god I had it back in Norway, as although I had forgotten a lot and everything was now in English, I picked it up again fairly quickly and was familiar with procedures and equipment! I was LOVING the labs that Environmental Sciences had too! Bio is a bit dingy and dark, but Env had stunning views and lots of nice new equipment! Now I already have my first set of data to look at and write a little report on! Woho 😛

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