Back to School

These last two weeks have been hectic and stressful! Just recovering from yet another cold I have not managed to properly get into doing anything else than just dragging myself to lectures. Next week hopefully I will be able to start up again with work! Living in a student house is still an adjustment, and of course at times it is incredibly frustrating when you want something some or the house to be clean and there is the rubbish of 5 other students floating around. The smells sometimes that waft from different rooms are… interesting.

Anyway, that aside I have had a good week which included a welcome barbecue and bat walk with the Conservation and Wildlife society, and a field trip to Bure Marshes with Aquatic Ecology. The batwalk was really fun, and we both saw and herd them! It was so cool picking up on their echolocation calls using frequency based equipment! Gear like that is quite expensive (our most expensive device on that walk was 18 000 pounds!!!). The equipment is easy to use and to hear them you set a certain frequency on your device and it will pick up a certain type of bat because different species make noises at different pitches. We heard two different types of bat that day, the common and soprano pipistrelle, which can only be told apart by their different frequency echolocation calls (soprano being higher, as the name suggests)!


On Thursday my Aquatic ecology class went for a field trip to Bure Marshes! Here we collected data that we will next week use to determine the complexity of the abiotic and biotic area and how they affect each other. Lots of fun scooping up smelly sediment, haha! Drew, in my group, pointed out to me that on the dyke we were working on there were some interesting beetles that were skimming across the surface in circles. Apparently they do this as some sort of technique to catch and locate prey! Pretty cool.


Lastly I wanted to show you my room now that it’s tidy and a bit more homely. What do you think? 🙂 I have nice new bedding in red that matches my new lamp. Also, I have a “walk in closet” with a nice mirror I bought! I got most of my stuff from a shop called Wilkos which is really nice quality and cheap! Very happy with how my room looks like now! Carpets have been replaced by the landlord (and in the rest of the house) since I was here before Ireland, and the grey (although it looks blue on the photos) is much nicer than the ugly blue! They also gave me a new mattress, as the other one was a bit uncomfortable and old. The room isn’t done yet though. Notice the little bird cage at the end of my bed! I have some plans to do some pretty cool wall art that I can’t wait to show you! DSC_1042






The inspiration for my wall art:

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