What I want to achieve this year

Last year was all about settling inn, getting use to uni, making friends and surviving by myself. This year I am ready to take things a step further. This year, hopefully, I will be more settled inn and used to university and my course. I am so hopeful I am going to do well and try my best at work. I feel slightly more relaxed as I am familiar with university procedures and what lecturers expect in my written work, and I have a little experience in getting it done and how I need to do it. This year things are a bit different though. This year there are even fewer lectures and even more independent study time, and there is therefore a lot more time that I can play around with! This year I hope to accomplish a number of things (It would make me so happy if I did manage it):

  • To do well at my degree. This second year of my course counts for 40 % of my overall degree, and I hope that I can do my best and get good marks! Also, I still need to score at least 60 % to be able to go abroad in my 3rd year!
  • Eat healthier. I would love to have a diet that made me healthier and with more energy! Good food makes a happy body and a happy mind.
  • Improve in riding again. I know this is only a hobby, but it is an activity I hold very dear and I would love feel good about myself if I managed to improve and accomplish something there! Riding is healthy, social and rewarding! I can’t wait for my first lesson very soon!!
  • Go swimming. I have found out that swimming is very therapeutic and helps me relax when I get stressed about work.
  • Be active in the Conservation and Wildlife Society at UEA. I joined them properly this year, and they are such a great society that offer so many opportunities! I would really love getting more involved in their volunteer work, day trips, and go their socials and get to know the members better. They are all so passionate about all the things I am passionate about like the environment, animals, wildlife and the natural world!
  • Read books. I am so useless at reading books, and I feel so guilty with my stack of really interesting books on my desk that I never bother to touch! Much better use of time than Facebook!
  • Get a job. To help fund my travels, field trips, year abroad and other fun stuff I wish to do!
  • Manage money. Because I need to.
  • Volunteer. Right now I am in the process of applying to volunteer at a bird sanctuary in Norwich! I hope I get the job!
  • Gain skills and experience through courses provided by NWT and RSPB for animal survey techniques and ecological management.
  • Stay happy and positive. Because I am so good at getting into a depressive state of mind that will ruin my day, my plans, my motivation and my confidence.


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