Week with Robert

Last Tuesday afternoon Robert arrived to Norwich! Yey! For the first day I took him around campus and showed him the university. I think he was pretty impressed actually 😛 We ended up that evening going to a lovely pub called The Cellar House and had a delicious meal. Wednesday afternoon I had my first riding lesson of the semester! Robert came along and watched, and took a couple of photos. A private lesson with the instructors full attention on me was nice and different from what I have previously been used to.


Thursday I unfortunately had a field trip that afternoon, with Aquatic Ecology. Robert occupied his time in town doing some shopping. During the field trip we measures physical features of the river, such as flow, temperature, pH and did some landscape mapping to contrast with the biodiversity at two different sites affected at different levels by human activity. For some of the measurements some of us had to get into waders and make our way out into the water! I obviously volunteered. Lots of laughs and fun!



On the Friday I only had one lesson early in the day, and ao afterwards I took Robert into town for a bit of sightseeing of Norwich. We saw the stunning Cathedral and the Lanes, and then went for Sushi (which as you probably know, I loved).  In the evening David, Robert and I went for a bit of a pub crawl. We started at the Mischief, followed by the Playhouse, The Bycicle Shop and then Wetherspoons before heading out to Propaganda at the Waterfront. The evening was great fun (and hipster), with amazing tunes being played at the end of the night at Propaganda. Saturday we just nursed our heads from the events from yesterday, and treated ourselves to a delicious burger in town (and an early night in bed).


10690105_877197955658192_529788576761554765_n (1)

10408857_877197595658228_5540778311612109620_n (1)

On Sunday we took the train to Wroxham for a little trip on the Broads. Absolutely stunning weather, we saw a bit of bird life, including a King Fisher! Afterwards we went for a couple of drinks at a pub followed by some classic fish and chips!


The Broads from Eleanor Charnock on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Week with Robert

    • Ja det er det! Jeg ble medlem av The Equestrian club på universitet i år, og tar ridetimer gjennom der (så er litt mer vennlige studentpriser)! Utrolig kjekt!

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