Grasses, drinks, fairy lights and starlings

Sorry my last post was so depressing! I just really needed to let out some stuff! Anyo, now we shall go back to focusing on the nicer things in life! Like my amazing weekend with no work and time to recuperate! On Thursday I finally submitted my Ireland report and my taxonomy collection, and could finally have a break! And boy I needed one! I realized how exhausted I was! Bad diet, no exercise and late nights of work mean that my body felt so drained and polluted. Hopefully it will all be worth it though! Those submissions were important and I put a lot of work into them! Goal for next week though: work out!

These last days I have taken it very slow and just had a well deserved break! On Thursday Jodie, David and I went out! We started off at what was supposedly was going to be one of Norwich’s new IT clubs, but it was an absolute flop, so Jodie and I ended up at Lola Lo’s and David at the Loft! Friday was spent nursing our hangovers followed by Ugly Betty in the evening with pizza! As it was Guy Fawkes we also enjoyed some free fireworks from our window!

Saturday was spent tidying my room as it was looking like a war zone after the lack of maintenence due to the coursework deadlines, listening to beautiful music and watching a lot of Mock the Week! I have re-fallen in love with Marina and the Diamonds, as well as Charli XCX and Elsa & Emilie. Such amazing singers. What do you think of my new fairy lights and battery driven candles? Cheap and so pretty!





On Sunday I returned to the bird sanctuary with David! I tiresome day, I was thrown into the deep end and worked by myself! I struggled to remember procedure and locating equipment, but I think I did allright! My faithful companions of the day, Bob the starling and the rest of his starling mates, made sure to be in my way the entire day to see if I was doing everything right! Haha, what an annoying, curious soul Bob is! I adore him!




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