Australia 2015-2016

I am currently on a degree that includes a year abroad, and now that I am a second year I finally have to start making some decisions! My goal is to go to Australia, and in two weeks time I have to submit my final preference list of top 5 universities that I wish to apply to! This whole process is slightly overwhelming, and I am a bit lost on what I am supposed to be looking for! So far, I have looked at their leaflets and been on their home pages, but there is so much info I just don’t know where to start! They ALL look great, but then why wouldn’t they? They aren’t exactly going to promote their negative sides to future applicants, and so I just don’t know what to do! So far I have read the leaflets of La Trobe and Murdoch, and they both sound incredible! They offer excursions, volunteering opportunities and really great facilities for international students to make sure they are taken care of. Their exampled modules sound really interesting! However, I am really confused as to what modules are available to me, and if I am supposed to be looking at modules for second or first year students! Anyway, I am really excited, and can’t wait to see things more clearer! I am meeting with my Academic Advisor this Friday, so hopefully I will have some things more explained! I think I might be really interested in Murdoch, La Trobe and Griffith University, haha, mostly because their leaflets and home pages were the most informative and had the clearest, most understandable information, in addition to a lot of activities and excursions specifically set up for internationals! They seemed very keen on their exchange program and giving international students the most amazing time ever. Also I can’t wait for the “Christmas break” between semesters! I really want to see Australia, it is such a stunning country! I find myself on different pages and bloggs looking at all the incredible sites and things to do down under, and the more I look the longer my list becomes! I want to do it all haha, my itinerary is going to be near impossible to complete!

The universities available to me through exchange with UEA are:

    • Australian National University in Canberra
    • Griffith University in Brisbane
    • La Trobe University in Melbourne
    • Murdoch University in Perth
    • University of Newcastle
    • University of Wollongong

Feeling excited, nervous and overwhelmed! Am I ready? Will I get good enough grades to get in? What will I experience? Where should I go?

Australia map

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