Last year we didn’t get any snow in winter, and it was all a bit dreary, rainy and grey to be honest. I now finding myself sitting here dreaming of snow, ice and cold! Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without it. I miss the tons of snow, so deep it was up to my thighs! I miss being able to go skating, and walk on the frozen lake! I miss waking up to the simple, beautiful calls by the whopper swans outside my window. I miss sledging and snow ball fights. I miss lighting the fireplace and drinking cocoa with my family, with a cat on my lap. I miss the excitement of Christmas day, and how on Christmas morning my family still finds a way of getting all four of us grown, full sized humans to squeeze into mum and dad’s bed and open up our prezzies in “Santa’s stockings”. I LOVE Christmas food and my christmas risotto (known for years as the yellow stuff). I miss having to listen to my Dad complain about the snow and cold when we all were digging out the car at 7.30 in the morning to be able to drive to school and work. I miss going for a walk when the air was so cold you would exhale a thick mist of fog. I miss it being so cold my eyelashes would freeze up with beautiful crystals. Pleeease be a white Christmas this year! It would make my year!

I think you are hard pushed to find a more beautiful place than Norway in winter. Hostile, but beautiful. Weell, at least before global warming had kicked in as much!









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