Sunday in London!

Last week I met with my Dad and my brother who where in London for the weekend! I took the train down early that morning to spend the day with them before returning that same evening back home! It was a lovely day, we went and saw the view from the Shard, which was spectacular although it was a bit grey, foggy and rainy. We stood far up in the tallest building in Europe, 72 floors up and at 244.3 meters high, we saw the view from the indoor view gallery before popping upstairs to see it from the open air top. I would love to go back one day when the skies are clear and the sun is shining, I can imagine it is incredibly breathtaking.



After the visit to the Shard we went for a meal at a Steak House. It was a bit noisy and the food was a bit dull, however, it was still nice to sit down and have a rest from the busy streets of London! I guess it is very hard to find a quite place in such a large capital! Afterwards we went for a bit of window shopping down Picadilly Circus where I saw a stunning bird ornament I adored in Swarowski, but unfortunately costed 500 pounds (I have such expensive taste). Haha, maybe in 40 years. Lastly we headed down towards Big Ben and London Eye before making our way back to the train station! By then my feet felt like they were bleeding and I couldn’t wait to sit down on the train. I finished the day off by having take away sushi from the best sushi place I know of so far in England, a tiny little kiosk in Liverpool Street Station called Wasabi. Their food is incredibly tasty and so fresh and delicious! I go there every time I return to Liverpool Street Station where I take the train to Norwich.













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