Three more weeks

It’s just under three weeks until I return home again, and I honestly cannot deal with how much I am looking forward to it. I feel so exhausted and run down here at university and I can’t wait to get home again. There is something therapeutic about home ❤ ! And indescribable feeling of relief and a chance for a fresh start in a cleaner, warmer, cosier place, with family and delicious, healthier food. A chance to have a break from all the work (although I actually do have a lot of work to do over Christmas, it still feels like I have more freedom), do some exercise, sleep in my lovely own bed and hang out with my friends that I miss so much! I can’t wait for Christmas! Buying presents, going to church on Christmas Eve and hearing my choir with my family and best friend, eating amazing Christmas dinner and seeing the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. I can’t wait to get back and recuperate and get better again. Student life is like being in a war zone! Soldier down! Haha.. I am crawling towards the finish line.

In other news, my life has unfortunately ended up being a bit boring this last part of the semester (not much noteworthy for a blogpost at least)! However, tomorrow I am back on track with another riding lesson and this Sunday I am going on the annual seal trip with the Conservation and Wildlife Society (This year I will not forget my memory card like the idot I am last year). The following week some of my ecology classmates and I are attending the Bio Ball! I still haven’t decided on a dress yet, but I can’t wait to get all nicely dressed up for an occasion! Student life allows way too much opportunity for baggy t-shirts and jogging bottoms! I also think David, Jodie and some others are going to the Dragon’s Hall Medieval Christmas Market in a couple of weeks to feel some of that lovely British Christmas spirit! In addition to this, I have quite a bit of work to do before I fly home in terms of two presentations, 1 discussion based 500-word report, and a 1500 report. Yey.

Me with CAWS looking at Grey seals at Horsey gap (photo not mine)

Me with CAWS looking at Grey seals at Horsey gap in 2013 (photo not mine)

As for my diet, it has been particularly bad this semester, despite me discovering a couple new recipes! I managed to make myself some home made chips which I adored, and I have tried salmon wraps, Mediterranean vegetables with fish and rise, wok, and a new favourite pasta bake with sausages and whatever is in the fridge. However, Dominos Pizza, Tesco’s meal deal sandwiches and wraps and other badness as dominated the menu. Still so delicious though!

2 thoughts on “Three more weeks

  1. Tiden går så fort! Det blir sikkert godt med hjemreise, men det virker som du har mye gøy å gjøre fram til da også, og en del school work som kanskje ikke er like gøy, men dessverre ganske nødvendig :p Kjenner litt på det selv. Hesteridning høres gøy ut da!

    • Ja vi bestemte oss at vi burde gjøre noen flere koselige ting sammen før vi alle reiser hjem igjen til jul! Så ble det desverre ikke ridning på meg i går, jeg er uheldigvis litt syk!

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