Bio Ball 2014

This Friday some of my ecology friends (Bryony, Jeff, Drew, Maya and Steph) and myself attended the Bio Ball! It was a lovely evening with great food and lots of wine! The evening started at Caistor Hall Hotel with a three course meal and tons of alcohol! My starter was a divine smoked salmon and crème fraîche roulade served with toasted brioche and fresh rocket, followed by the delicious main of Roast Norfolk turkey with pigs in blankets, pork and cranberry stuffing, roasted root vegetables and rich gravy. By dessert I was stuffed, but I still managed some bites of Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. For each table they had a little cheap analogue camera that we could use to take photos with! Great idea!  I will show them to you guys when they are developed! After our dinner we could dance or go gambling with funny money that we were given by the hotel to play roulette and blackjack! Jeff and I got really into the roulette, and worked out later on that we lost a total of 350 fake pounds on playing! So adictive! Thank God it was just fake money! Haha! The after part was held at a nightclub called Mantra where the ball committee had managed to arrange VIP access and free champagne for us! Not my favourite place on earth, but free champaigne? Yes, I went. I drank the champaigne, stayed for under an hour and headed home! Part pooper 😛





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