“Do you want to build a snoowmaaan?”

Yes. I do. I woke up this morning with the same excitement as a child when my mum told me that it had been snowing all night and to look outside. It was absolutely beautiful, and I was itching to get outside! The snow looked perfect for building a snowman, not to powdery and not to wet. Just perfect. After a lovely relaxing morning and breakfast toast with kaviar and butter (literally try it) I finally managed to drag my Dad and my brother outside, together with Robert who had joined us for the fun! In Charnock spirit we don’t just build a snowman, we make it a competition (but still in good spirit). Three categories; size, quality and artistic input (decided by myself). We had so much fun and the end result, I must say, was stunning! Robert and I made a classic snowman with a scarf and hat, accompanied by a cute little cat. However, I need to take my hat off for creativity to my Dad and my brother who did an amazing Olaf inspired snowman that was ready for summer (you’ll get it if you have watched Disney’s Frozen).











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