Hidden Gem

Sorry for no updates but my life lately hasn’t really been that blogg-worthy! However, that’s not to say it hasn’t been really nice and relaxing! Yesterday Robert and I went for a final meal in town before my return to England again. We went and tried a new restaurant called Cyclo which did Japanese food (sushi or noodle and rise dishes). The atmosphere was really pleasant and relaxing and the food was really tasty, and the bill wasn’t to faint over either! I think I have found myself a new hidden gem in town! I had a delicious spicy chicken and curry wok and a Japanese beer called Kirin! The beer was very tasty and light, and was perfect accompaniment to the food! The experience was quite funny too as there were no knives and forks provided, and I had my own dinner entertainment in terms of watching Robert battle his way through the meal with only chopsticks. After our meal I decided it would be a real shame not to have been for a couple of drinks at a 20 year age limit bar as I turned 20 in September, and allowed Robert to take me out for a little tour of the bars and pubs of Bergen. When I say little I mean only two places (Barfoten and Vaskeriet), but a quiet drink with lovely conversation was a perfect way to finish the evening off.








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