My technological world is complete #3

Look at this beauty! Stunning! I actually genuinely feel like my technological world is now finally complete (what else am I possibly missing?)! My collection now consists of a lovely orange computer that I got last year in 2013 for Christmas, a green, waterproof, 20 mega-pixel phone with some cool additional equipment, and last but not least, a new beautiful red coloured compact camera; the Canon EOS M. This beautiful little thing is a compact system camera, with interchangeable lenses, image quality as good as a digital SLR, touch screen, and video option! I bought the camera as a package which included some additional equipment; the Speedlite 90EX flash and an EF-M 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens. I got this package on sale with 48 % discount! In addition to this I decided to be a bit naughty and buy the EF-M 22 mm f/2 STM lens as it was 20 % discount too! All in all, I managed to buy a camera and equipment worth originally 7777 kr, for 4600 kr and saved a wopping 3771! I am pretty pleased with this! Maybe a bit steep, but photography is one of my passions, and I have waited a long time to finally get a super camera that I can call my own. Such a great time to finally invest in one too, as I will be well equipped  for my adventures in Africa and Australia!







Previously I have borrowed a series of old digital compact cameras that I have inherited from my mum, and had the honour of using my dad’s Canon SLR 450D on an occasional holiday. My first ever, self bought camera (Casio EX-H20G) was actually a really super first camera, and which I bought in 2012 for almost half price in the Christmas sales. I bought it before going on my first holiday with my best friend which I obviously wanted to ferociously document in pictures. I love it to pieces actually! It is so easy to use and takes super quality pictures that make even a novice like me look like I know what I am doing!


However, my little camera unfortunately has passed it’s best years, and it is very visibly falling apart (it permanently wears a plaster over it’s SD slot as the flip up cover won’t shut properly any more), and it is getting slower and less able to focus properly. It has served me well over the years, but I am incredibly ready to let my first Canon take over it’s place. I wanted to upgrade my camera to something a little more advanced (something a bit more versatile with more lens options), but which still remained as practical (most importantly size wise) to use as my previous one, and I am sure I have made the right choice. Loving life! Some of my favourite photos from my trusty Casio compact camera (a final goodbye series, haha):




Masca Trekking Tenerife

Masca Trekking Tenerife






The Lake

Looking out on Norfolk Terrace



Changing of the Guards

The Plantation Garden

Buckingham Palace







Dori fish

Tall Ships Races Bergen 2014







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