Keeping Momentum

These last couple of days I have really proven to myself that I can actually achieve something if I work hard at it! I have really been pushing myself every day for the last couple of weeks, and I am so proud of myself! I have forced myself up at a nice and early hour, gone to bed at a reasonable time, made myself lots of healthy meals, been to the gym a couple of times, been to the bird sanctuary, and even attempted some library sessions in the evening with David (not to mention a incredibly cosy afternoon spent reading a book by David Attenborough in CafeDirect today) ! The library sessions are the bit which are getting me! I still feel stuck and worried, feeling like I have so much to do and plan to successfully pass and do well in my exams and coursework! Exam revision has slowly, but steadily started early this academic year, as a lesson learned from last year’s mistake. I wish I still knew how to organise and revise more efficient, in particular collecting relevant external reading material and integrating that into my notes! Hopefully if I just stick at it from the start I can keep up and build my momentum! I really want to do well this year, I have never been so determined in my life. I really want to do and feel the best I can in my degree, but also in other aspects of my life! I would love to finally find myself mastering the skill of surviving every day life and self discipline; cooking, training, reading, washing, volunteering, friends, family, boyfriend (wopsi when did that happen? :p), travel and so much more! Never has the phrase “live life to the fullest” been so clear to me in meaning!  Haha, quite a euphoric post today! I’m very sorry, but I am just so happy lately. Feeling like everything is starting to fall into place now. Life is good.






pictures from my last couple of days.

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