My week

Last week has been a good one! It started off on Monday with the gym with Jeff and Steph. On Wednesday I went riding! It is my first lesson of this semester, and I definitely felt some improvement! I was on the beautiful Sky, and it was lovely to feel the improvement!



On Thursday I went on a pub crawl with the Conservation and Wildlife Society. We started off at the Union Pub before heading into town to visit a series of pubs, including Temple Bar, The White Lion (which specializes in ciders), Playhouse and the Sir Garnet, before getting some chips and heading home.


The next day I dragged myself out of bed to go to the Bird sanctuary. Fridays at the moment are a day off and so I get an extra long weekend, which is very nice! Maya joined me, and we had a tiresome day cleaning cages and stocking up food bowls. One of the birds there (a parakeet?), called Eric, is a right grumpy sould who likes to bite. Suprisingly though, he took a liking to me that day and we had lots of cuddles and kisses! He absolutely insisted on sitting on my hand or shoulder the entire time I was trying to work!

2 thoughts on “My week

  1. Så mye trivelig du får gjort om dagene! 😀 Hesten var jo kjempesøt, og jeg vil tro det er gøy med ridetimene. Så bra at dere jobber frivillig på fugleklinikken også. Eric var en fargerik skapning!

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