Visit from Best Friend!

This weekend has been absolutely amazing! My best friend finally came and visited me in Norwich and it was so lovely to see her again! I actually went down on the Thursday to London to meet her at Victoria to help her up to Norwich on the train! Travelling by yourself to a new place can be a bit daunting so I thought that would be nice to go with her! We arrived home at 1 am Friday night and immediately went to bed! The next morning I unfortunately had class from 9 am to 11 am, so Eidi got to enjoy a lovely lie in whilst I was up and out the door already at 8.30. It was actually a Swaziland class, and we were trekking around campus getting familiar with the GPSs we were going to be using in Africa! When I got back home we headed out again into campus to meet David and give Eidi a tour of my university! We then headed into town for lunch at Cafe 33 followed by a cocktail at the Lamb Inn! As  always, yummy. We then gave her a bit of a tour of Norwich, including the main streets, the market, Elm Hill and the Cathedral.

Cocktail time!



Elm Hill and the cutest Teddy Bear shop!








The Cathedral! IMG_5676





The Castle from a distance!

Later that evening we went for Sushi at Yo Sushi! Eidi and I have a thing for sushi, we always seem to eat it together and it has become a sort of tradition! We have previously only really eaten it as take away, buying the lunch boxes from Coop and Meny, so it was quite fun to do it properly at a restaurant for a change! You could do a mix of picking plates off the conveyor belt and ordering from the menu, which is a lot of fun and a different approach to eating than the standard way we are used to! I absolutely adore the sashimi there, it is so good and fresh! Fairly cheap too as we had student discount in there! You could eat as expensive or as cheap as you want very easily, as the different plates on the conveyor belt have different colours which represent different prices! Later that evening we enjoyed a film in the living room with my house mates! We watched “About Time”, which I must say is probably one of my favourite films now! A lovely heart-warming story of love, life and family with a “Love actually” crossed with “Doctor Who” vibe where the main character is a sort of Hugh Grant that can time travel.


The next day we had an absolutely lovely lie in and a heavenly breakfast of fruit, yougurt and some pieces of bread with spreads. I had actually managed to obtain some Jarlsberg from ASDA the other week, so we could enjoy some lovely Norwegian food! We then headed into town for a bit of shopping at Top Shop and Primark before doing some exploring of the Lanes and the Royal Arcade. I discovered a really cool shop called People Tree which sold lots of alternative stuff, colourful blankets and carpets, incense, hindu stuff and lots of other quirky things! I love colour and chaos! If I was rich I would have probably gone mental in there and bought pretty much everything! Instead we opted for some incense.
















The Royal arcade is a victorian shopping mall with some very posh and elegant shops, and also home to one of Norwich’s famous shops selling one of Norfolk’s most known products: Mustard! I was quite intrigued by some mustard chocolate they had on sale and which I bought for the three of us. However, I was a bit disapointed as it just tasted like regular dark chocolate! I think I was expecting a bit more of a kick and a mustard flavour! We also drooled over one sweet shop which had the most mouth watering selection of treats. David was surprised we hadn’t tried suger mice, so we bought one and shared it! Very sweet!










Afterwards we had a delicious, healthy lunch at Norwich’s Falafel Bar. We all had Moorish Pittas with falafels, salad and hummus, and they were very good and a nice light lunch!



In the evening we got ourselves ready for a night out which included a Drag Burlesque show at Gonzos Tea Room followed by pre drinks back home and the LCR. To be honest I was only mildely impressed with the show, it took so long for them to finally start (three quarters of an hour late) and the venue was backed to the point of probably illegal, and I think we were all getting very tired of the pushing, shoving and heat! It was great fun seeing so many of the audience in their drag, some of them looked so good! Some of the girls (referred to when in drag, I think.. Heh, I was a bit stressed on if I called them he or she or they! Classic awkward me) went for the “fishy look” (what it’s called when they look as much as possible like females) and then others did a more theatrical, dramatic and colourful look! A lot of fun, everyone was very friendly, although I definitely felt more relaxed knowing David was with us and knew so many people there! We only caught a couple of numbers of the show before heading home, but unfortunately we didn’t actually see that much. People in Drag wearing heels are VERY tall and Eidi, David and I definitely dwarfed in comparison! Underneath are some pictures of some of the performers! I didn’t really get any photos of my own!

Afterwards we had a great pre drinks with Katharine and Luke who didn’t got out with us but joined us for drinks in the living room. I think we all had a bit too much wine and vodka, but we still made it into the club and had an absolutely hilarious time! We danced and sang (screamed at the top of our voices) and had so much fun! Regretably Eidi and I decided that joining David to go the Loft afterwards was a good idea! Hhaha, we got there and probably left after an hour as we realized we needed to sleep! Eidi had a long trip home the next day! Next morning we felt the effects of yesterday, but persevered and got ourselves down to town so Eidi could get the Express Bus to Gatwick. I then spent the rest of the day watching come Dine with me, with David and drank a lot of water!

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