Bird Sanctuary and Buxton Heath!

Friday morning was a real disappointment for me. I got up early at 9 am to be ready for my favourite artist Marina and the Diamonds to release her tickets for a show she was going to be doing in London in March! It would have been her only show in the UK before heading back to to the US for her tour there! The tickets sold out in 2 min and although I was ready in time, I was not lucky enough to bags some tickets. Very very sad about it, I really love her! Her music is just…. beautiful. Afterwards I met with Steph to go to the bird sanctuary! We actually had a really funny day! We were getting obsessed about this dress that is now an internet sensation due to the fact that it appears as different colours for different people! Also, ate dried meal worms and frozen. It all started when we were discussing the role of insects in people’s diet and how in Asia people eat them for example fried and as a snack. Apparently they are a great source of protein and carbon footprint wise they would be great replacement for the meat production we have today. Productivity wise we cleaned cages as usual, and helped some of the birds have baths!





On Saturday I joined the Conservation and Wildlife Society in volunteering at Buxton Heath! Our task was to to cut down invading birch trees on the heath to protect the heathland homes for a large diversity of butterflies, insects, birds and reptiles. After lunch we headed off to go for a walk around the reserve. We didn’t see much, it was quite a windy and grey day, although the reserves own horses used for grazing management were a real treat! We also got to jump on a really weird naturally created trampoline, a bog with a layer of thickish grass on top! I actually found it a bit scary! Hate bogs and sinking in general. Was grabbing onto people all the time and screaming, haha lots of fun!










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