Unofficial family

Exam dates were released yesterday and it all now feels so real! I am almost done with second year, it’s nearly time to say goodbye to some extraordinary friends, it’s closing in to the final pressure of making that 60 % and leaving for Australia, and it’s soon the start of yet another chapter! Right now I am bombarded with work, and it’s tough. Knowing the exams are around the corner is very nerve racking too, but hopefully I will make it through. I have tried so hard this year, getting myself to the library, eating healthier and trying to be independent, I hope it will be all worth it in the end. I am however saddened by the fact that my third year will be spent away from some of my friends’ final year, and that our time together is almost over. Of course, we will definitely stay in touch, and I will definitely make them visit me, and me them, but it’s weird to think they won’t be part of my everyday life any more. Little things, like seeing them in the morning, meeting them on campus,classes together, lunchbreaks, watching TV together and having dinner, going out together, and being around each other for most of the day. They have taught me so much about myself, challenged me, introduced me to new things and made my time here so filled with laughter and love. In particular, to my family at 1 Friends Road, you are definitely one of my favourite discoveries on this university journey.



2 thoughts on “Unofficial family

  1. Det å ende et kapittel og starte på et nytt et kan være ganske vemodig. Men ofte treffer man flere flotte mennesker underveis, og klarer like godt å opprettholde kontakten med sine gamle venner. Man får bare fokusere på alt det spennende man har foran seg 😀

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