Norwegian Breakfast

Argg.. back to reality.. I am working on my behavioural report and it’s just going so painfully slow. I understand it for the most part, it’s just so incredibly annoying when you don’t get the results you want! To cheer myself up though, I made myself a lovely Norwegian breakfast (well, brunch really) the other day! I love it so much more than boring cereal! In all honesty, I don’t know how much more Norwegian I could have made this! Maybe some brown cheese or scrambled egg with smoked salmon, or maybe prawn cocktail spread (rekesalat)! I cheated a bit too, using my British equivalent ryvita, a not quite so authenticly Norwegian “knekkebrød”. For spreads I had one with mills kaviar and Jarlsberg cheese, another with a spreadable cheese and ham paste, one with patté and lastly a mackerel and tomato paste! In true Norwegian style, I couldn’t have my ryvita spreads without topping them off with delicious vegetables cucumber, tomato and pepper! To top it all off I made a delicious smoothie from frozen berries and banana, mixed with ready bought innocent mango and passion fruit smoothie (which is never thick enough for me).

Delicious breakfast

It’s incredible how the simplest things can make you feel back at home! If I closed my eyes I could just picture myself eating my fave breakfast in it’s right setting, and feel home for a couple of seconds. I haven’t been home since Christmas and won’t be returning until June! I think this must be the longest I have ever been away from home! Last year I made a couple of weekend visits to dampen the homesickness, but this year has been so busy and hectic I just haven’t had time. Also, my family have visited me more this year, so I haven’t felt completely separated!

Delicious breakfast

Delicious breakfast

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