Swaziland part 6

The times between and after activities I actually found to hold some really special moments too, maybe not so picture perfect, but still beautiful. Not really connected to any post in particular either, so I thought I would just sum up my fave moments. One of my most favourite (and very needed) activities was afternoon napping, something most of us took up during our stay. Afternoons could get very hot, and when you had been up since 4 or 5 am you were just too exhausted to attempt anything else. It was also the perfect way of getting some alone time, which I appreciated. Although I love my friends from that trip to pieces and I got along with everyone, I still like to have some time by myself and not be hassled or talked to for a bit. On some days you could be very lucky and score the hammock shaded underneath the beautiful acacia trees.


Another favourite activity was of course lunch and dinner, made by the two loveliest ladies! Lunch was a great spread with cheese, ham (sort of), tuna and egg with salad. Dinner was so appreciated after a long days work, and was often stew with rice or pap and chakalaka. Chakalaka is an amazing recipe that I can’t believe hasn’t been in my life until now. It’s so easy too, you can expect a food post very soon where I attempt to make it! Chakalaka can be found in many variants but often has beans at the core and is quite spicy. Originating from Johannesburg, it contains chopped onions, bell peppers, chilli peppers, garlic, curry powder, tomatoes, baked beans in tomato sauce and a bit of salt and pepper. Absolutely delicious, it goes with barbecues, pap, rice and pasta!


Photo not mine, link

Another favourite activity was sitting around the camp fire in the evening just talking. I only managed to sit around the fire on a couple of occasions, cause by that time I was so exhausted I just had to go to bed. On one occasion we sat under the stars and sang songs to Sam’s guitar playing. Absolutely magical, Sam and Steph even sang a beautiful duet together of “Thinking out loud” by Ed Sheeran (just on the spot with no practice, and it sounded SO good!). Star gazing together on a blanket was also so lovely, listening to calm songs from a phone. The night sky was so clear and beautiful, no light pollution and you could see the thick part of the milky way so clearly.






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