Gym, Quiche, the Gong and the future

This morning I have decided to have a laizy one, after waking up at 6.30 for the last 3 days. My plan today is to clean my bombared room, finish my swazi laundry and have a look at some bits and bobs like documents that need to be signed, arrangements that need to be made etc. This afternoon I hope to get through lecture material for Aquatic Ecolog. The rest of the week (I know it’s only Thursday, but still) has also been quite a success, settling back into UK life and accepting the adventures of Africa are behind me! I am very proud to have dragged myself to the gym every day so far though, working out on the treadmill on Monday and Tuesday, and swimming on Wednesday. I hope to keep this up, as a bit of exersize makes me feel so much better about my day and is probably very needed considering how much sitting down I am doing for revision. The Sportspark at UEA is so impressive as well! I really should have taken advantage of such an incredible facility much sooner! I have been trying a lot harder this year, where Steph and I have had a great few weekly sessions during this last semester! It’s been so much easier getting myself to the gym in early hours of the morning when there is a friendly face to greet you! Also, Steph is quite the pro at swimming, having been a lifeguard at her local swimming pool back home, and has taught me some great techniques and given me the confidence to go into the lanes and do some proper laps! We even decided we were pro enough to buy googles!


Lots of healthy eatin too, I made a quiche the other day and have been enjoying it for lunch for the last couple of days! So proud of myself, it turned out so great! Love the fact Jodie owns a blender which we are allowed to use! Love a good smoothie! I have been trying to eat as much fruit this semester as possible, lots and lots of vitamins please!

First quiche


Yesterday I attended one of the final Year Abroad meetings, where we got to hear from some of the returning students how their experience was, and also be explained how to apply for visas etc. One of the speakers had spent his time in Australia at the University of Wollongong (known as “The Gong”), and he got me all excited like a little child about leaving! Afterwards Steven, Shawnee (two other of my class mates that are going to Wollongong) and myself got to spend a little half an hour talking to him, having all our questions answered. It was so exciting listening to him tell us about the best clubs, the friendly australians, all the barbeques he went on and what an amazing time he had! He wrote a blog from his time there, and gave us the link so we could check it out! I have been reading it all morning and have noted lots of great places to go and see and do! Such a motivation to revise and get that 60 % that I need to leave! I am so nervous about it I might have a mental break down! It seems so far away, yet just round the corner, and yet I still have to apply for a visa, sort out my finances, arrange storage for my stuff in the UK for a year, apply for modules and sort out a house for my fourth and final year in the UK when I return! Waahhh so scared! I want to make a proper bucket list for when I’m there as well, I love being able to tick of life goals and experiences! My biggest worry though is that I won’t make friends down there. I know it’s probably silly, but doesn’t everyone think a bit like that? What if I am so socially awkward and silent that nobody likes me and I end up a year on the other side of the world alone! I know I thought like that when I first started at UEA and I have made some absolutely super friends, but what if that was just by chance? haha… I worry way to much!



Oh, and I nearly forgot! Lately I have started thinking about what to do after I (hopefully) graduate at UEA. It seems so far away right now, but at the same time it doesn’t. Being a 2nd year and with some of my fellow students entering their third year next year and doing their dissartations and thinking about internships etc, I’ve quickly gotten wisped up in the hype of looking forward into “adult life”. For a long time I haven’t had any goals past uni, but after specializing a bit in my second year I have noticed more clearly my dislikes and likes! For a long time as well my answer was “no way” when asked if I was going to do a masters. Lately though, the idea has seemed more and more tempting. However, one thing I know for sure when I graduate is that I am going to take a “year off” and find myself a job to work up some cash. Also, people have asked me where I plan to live after I graduate, if I am staying in the UK or of I’m going to travel home to Norway. Right now I long to live in my home town again, I really do miss that rainy son of a b, my family, Eidi and Malin, and the rest of my friends. When I was at videregående and applying for university I practically hated Bergen and thought it was the most boring place on earth, I was fed up with my family and was itching to be my own person far far away in a new place. I think going abroad was one of the best decisions in my life, and knowing myself I think my life would have been horrid if I studied in Bergen. 2 years later, I think I have matured a lot and ridden my horrid rebellious attitude that was such a burden to myself and my family. I still love my privacy though, and I hope that when I return home in 2 years time and find a job, I can find myself a flat (either by myself or with friends. Eidi and Malin, how cool wouldn’t that beee?) I am planning on selling my car and hopefully that money I can save and eventually use towards renting a place back home! As for a masters, I have fallen in love with the idea of studying in Bergen, and have taken a liking to one of their master courses in Marine Biology (link). I think making new friends and connections in my home town would be excellent for my future prospects of finding a job there (e.g. Bergen’s Institute of Marine Research) as well as getting to grips with the Norwegian scientific lingo again.

Obviously this is all such a way off but I like having goals. So far my academic motivation has been Australia, but when I return for my third year it’s nice to know I will have something new and exciting to look forward to! Also, nothing is set in stone. Who knows what the future might bring in terms of opportunities.

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