Keep it together

So I know it’s not uncommon to feel these emotions and I I know I’m not the only one who hates exams, but I feel the need for a rant right now. Exams are awful, confidence crushing, mentally exhausting, tear triggering, anxiety creating things that cause nothing but horridness for every person on this planet that has ever had to take one and I loath them.. Why is your entire academic years work basically down to one day, one sitting, with too many questions and an insanely small amount of time. I honestly don’t understand the point in university exams which are worth 60 % or more of your entire module. Why exams? How about more learning about actual useful writing forms like reports, essays and more! Exam skills are such a non essential skill that has no function outside of schools and university in your future career and work. They prove nothing either. You don’t have to be cleaver or even know much to do well in an exam, you just need to be good at doing one. I do terrible. I could revise all I want, but for example last year I froze and my mind went blank on every single sitting. I could probably cry when I get so frustrated and panicked, when there is only 2 hours and I have NO TIME TO THINK. What difference does it make if we get another hour or two? Or maybe less questions and less expected number of pages? What happened to quality over quantity!? The pressure and the burden of them does my head in. I already know I am going to spend the next 3 weeks dreading and worrying about these horrible tests and it will affect my sleep, my appetite and mood, basically tearing me down as a person. revision is always a struggle too, as I get so worried if I’m even revising like I should and focusing on the correct information and sources! Should I be looking at the lecture material, or past papers or journal articles, or all of it? Because I never know if I am doing the right thing I end up getting so distracted I end up achieving nothing. I would happily do 10 extra essays or reports if it meant I could avoid an exam.. Last year nearly broke me, and I scraped through, and this year standards are even higher and my needed results for Australia are greater.

I really don’t like exams..

Any tips on dealing with exam stress and anxiety?

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