Revision sesh

So the last couple of days have had some ups and downs! On some days I have managed to do a lot, and on others things just seem to go incredibly slow and I get nothing done. Today has luckily been a good day, although I still haven’t quite caught up with what I wanted to be done with by today. I am starting to fade now and am having a little break, but am determined to get up to date with my plan! Jealous of my housemates who have gone to the cinema this evening, whilst I’m stuck in IT reading about algae and fish. SO exciting… (actually it’s kinda interesting)..  It was so painful having to turn down the invitation! It’s 18.30 now and by today I hope to get through another 8 lectures: Ecology of Algae, Ecology of Zooplankton, Freshwater fish, Managing Fisheries, Ecology of Lakes – a case study and The Future. That’s like 50 min per lecture to be done by 01.30! Heh…. think I can do it?



Also, whyyyyy does it always have to be the BEST weather during revision time? Every year students have to sit inside reading and stressing, whilst looking out the window on to spring in full bloom and the sunniest weather of the year (I’m convinced). Torture.


Update: I didn’t! Haha.. not even close! Need to sleep! Going to get up extra early tomorrow and get some more of it done then before moving onto Behavioural Ecology in the afternoon. I have been working pretty solidly today since 8.30 this morning until 20.30 now, which is like 10 hours working (2 hour break at the gym and lunch). Feeling good about the effort I’m putting in, although I am still not keeping up with my plan. Spirits are still being held high and with the good nights sleep, the work I am putting in and the working out I am doing lately, I am feeling pretty good about myself at the moment.

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