Dreaming a little

Feeling a bit down today, I needed something to lift my spirits and motivation! Yesterday I saw a great documentary called “Iceland: land of Fire and Ice”. An incredible country, I was so inspired to visit it one day! The episode followed an Arctic fox bringing up 6 little cubs, Icelanders rearing Eider ducks and collecting dune feathers, the Icelandic horse farms, and the spectacular volcanic landscape. The dream of living in balance with nature, going back to our roots and embracing the simpler life is something that has been a passion for a while. I would for example love to become more of an experienced hiker and be able to go camping and on longer trails over several days surviving on fish I have caught and berries I have picked. This is definitely something I want to engage more with when I return to Bergen.


Another goal is to work at a Norwegian farm, or known as “seter” during a summer. It would be again, so therapeutic to live closer to nature, harvesting and creating your own food and way of life, living sustainably in balance with nature. No need for a supermarket and having everything served to you on a plate, so unaware about where it comes from and how it was made. I did some searching around the internet today and found tons of pages where farmers were looking for helpers for their farm, milking cows, herding sheep and goats, making diary products, fixing fences and lots more in return for food and accommodation! I think helping the local farmers is important, the cultural heritage belonging to “seter” life is something that is in danger of disappearing with the older generations. I would be very proud to learn about the cultural heritage so important to Norway’s history, and perhaps keep the traditions alive for a bit longer! I found this link  and this link very useful and hope to pursue this interest in the future!


Lastly, I got carried away and started looking at stuff I can do during my summer break in Australia. Definitely needed some serious motivation for revision! Unfortunately I want to do too many things down there, but have decided that travelling up the East Coast is a must! I don’t know how though, if I should do it by bus, with an organised group, or perhaps cross my fingers and hope I make friends with some Aussies with a car 😛 I also really like the idea of going to Alice Springs and seeing Uluru and visiting the Aboriginal Culture Centre, maybe flying to the spectacular Lord Howe Island, or even New Zealand. I know my friend Mari and her friend are going there in December, and it would be so cool to meet up and experience a new country with an old friend! I also recently found an activity through UltimateOz where you join a ranch in a training programme and be a cowboy for a couple of days! I love horses and animals, and I think it would be so much fun lassoing, cattle mustering, fencing, sheep shearing and learning to drive a tractor! Being out in the outback and being part of an Australian ranch would be so cool! In one way the Australian ranch culture could be considered the equivalent of the Norwegian “seter” culture (maybe a bit more modern) in terms of it’s importance in Australian history, culture and economy!

UltimateOz Outback Ranch from ultimatetravel on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming a little

  1. Planer som dette høres jo ut som det ultimate for å hjelpe seg på bedre humør! Jeg har også lyst å dra på flerdagersturer i fjell og mark, og har lagt flere planer om dette nå i sommer 😀 Den norske naturen er for flott til å ikke utforskes og nytes! Å jobbe på seter høres også ut som en drøm.

    Australia har jo så vanvittig mye spennende å by på, så skjønner godt at det kan være vanskelig å velge! Ayers Rock-området anbefales i alle fall VELDIG. Tror jeg hadde angret meg ihjel dersom jeg ikke dro dit når jeg var i Australia (selv om det var sinnsykt dyrt…). Å bo en stund på en ranch høres også kuuult ut! Lykke til med planleggingen 😀

  2. We share the same goal! I want to be closer to nature and live in harmony with it, that’s one of the reasons why I’m so drawn and attached to Scandinavia. I hope you get to Iceland in the near future, everything about it is mind-blowing!

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