The trio and election day

Exams are getting scaringly close now, and the nerves are building up. Revision has it’s good days and bad days, but I’m trying at least! This evening I got to relax a bit in the living room and have a lovely chat with my dearest friends David and Jodie! It has actually been a while since we have properly had a long conversation together as we all have been so busy, and it was so nice to be in their company!  We discussed the inequality in the world and the unbelievable wealth of the richest people in the world, the election and our trip to Norway in a couple of weeks! Simple moments like these are ones I definitely cherish. Feeling closer to your friends, talking, enganging and inspiring eachother! Love them two, can’t believe the trio is soon at an end and that Jodie and I’s uni journey together will soon be over. I love her to pieces and am so sad I am going to miss her final year and her final leg of the uni stint!


As for some more uplifting news I voted in the general election today and made my contribution to shaping our country for the next couple of year!  I voted green 🙂

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