The last couple of weeks

I realized the other day that I am very good at forgetting to post little things on the blog from my daily life with my friends! I seem to focus a lot on the bigger events, but forget the smaller things that also deserve a mention! So here are some photos from the last couple of weeks, since I returned from Africa, prooving that I have managed to have a bit of a social life during revision, albeit very small at the moment haha. So, on one of my first days after returning from Swaziland David and I decided to go and have a little picnic in Earlham park in the lovely weather. It’s a nice park close to campus, which I actually used to attempt to run round in my first year (as it is close to Suffolk Terrace). Picnic and casual stroll was much nicer though! Being it was a nice day there were tons of people out, playing sports and walking their dogs. There is even a pond where some people were using to drive remote controlled boats. It was a lovely day, and definitely a nice start back to uni.






On another day my housemates and I decided to go for a nice evening meal at Gourmet burger king. David’s friend Ben also joined us, and we tucked into a delicious treat. I stepped out of my usual burger choice comfort zone and tried a chicken burger with Camembert cheese and cranberry sauce, with a divine Lemonade to wash it down, and Oh My Gad I found a new favourite! It was so so goooood!



I have also taken the time to go and check out the bluebells on campus, and like last year it was a breathtaking site! I can’t believe how beautiful my campus is sometimes! It has a lake, a bluebell forest, two beautiful nearby parks and lots of bunnies!


My one other treat was celebrating my friend Maya’s birthday at an Italian restaurant called Prezzos. I had a delicious pizza and shared a bottle of wine and we also shared a bit of a starter of olives and garlic bread, and ended the evening with a little desert. Maya’s parent’s gave her some money towards the meal to treat us all with, which was super super super nice, and we all ended up having to pay a ridiculously small amount ourselves for such an incredible meal. So nice of her parents to do that! Everyone had a great time, and we all got to catch up a bit and enjoy a break from revision! After the meal I joined them at Gonzos for a drink before heading home for an early night.

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