Radio 1 Big Weekend

Last Saturday was Big weekend, a massive music event that came to Norwich and set up camp in Earlham park. Early on Saturday we got up and started getting ready for a full 12 hours of great music. We headed off towards the grounds at 11 and made our way through the masses of people and passed all the endless tents and stands selling food and drinks, and DJs blasting music from speakers. The main stage was so large, and we couldn’t wait for the first artists to begin! The first band to play was 5 seconds of Summer. They were a lot of fun, and the crowd was really buzzed and hyped up for the rest of the day!






Afterwards there would be different artists playing at different stages across the park, and we chose to go and watch Snoop dog inside the “New music we trust” stage inside a massive tent! He was absolutely amazing and created such a great atmosphere! He focused on the crowd-pleasing songs such as “Peaches N Cream”, “Wiggle”, “Jump around”, “Drop it likes it’s Hot” and “Young Wild & Free”, and the audience were dancing and loving it! Snoop dog even put the effort in to wear a Norwich FC t- shirt with his name printed on the back. I must admit I was sceptical to seeing him, considering his reputation for showing up late etc. but I was more than pleasantly surprised! He connected with the crowd so well, and the whole act was so great!


Next up was one of my favourite artists at the moment, Charli XCX. My housemates wanted to get some food, but I didn’t want to miss a single song, so I told them I would meet them afterwards and headed into the crowd, trying to get as far forward as I could. I ended up standing with some really funny guys who danced and sang like they knew every word, and their enthusiasm was so contagious that the crowd around them really got into it and were singing and dancing like their was no tomorrow. Charli was amazing, I didn’t realize she was so good live! She sang “London Queen”, “Breaking up”, “I love it”, “Famous, “Doing it”, “Break the rules”, “Fancy” and “Boom Clap”, and I pretty much knew all her songs and sang in full force! Her stage presence was so energetic, it was impossible not to get excited. Btw spot me on the video at 3.09! Haha!



Afterwards I found my housemates and decided it was time I should get something to eat! I had a delicious chicken fajita and sat on the grass with luke and enjoyed the sun and a bit of backrground music from Ben Howard. I definitely needed that break to continue the rest of the day, as we would be pretty much standing and dancing the entire time. Afterwards we saw Fall Out Boy on the main stage, and I think it was a real treat for many in the audience. I know David lit up when they came on stage, he is a fan! I didn’t really know many of their songs apart from “My songs know what you did in the dark”. I think though they have quite the reputation in Britain, particularly a few years back, an so the crowd was very excited. Apparently they were the it band which everyone was listening to at school a few years back. After Fall Out Boy we went to the tent and heard Years and Years. I was very focused and excited to hear them sing “King”, but I was however really impressed with the rest of their songs. Their introductory song gave me goosebumps! The singer was incredibly talented!




Afterwards Jode, David and I ran (literally) back to the main stage to see one of the artists we were most excited about for this day: David Guetta! He was so good! I wish we would have made it further forward though, as we got there late we were towards the back of the crowds with the less enthuisastic lot. However, that didn’t stop us from shamelessly singing at the top of our voices and dancing! Great fun, particularly when he played songs including “What I Did For Love”, “Hey Mama”, and “Bad”! Apparently David Guetta had flown all the way from Las Vegas to be here in Norwich, and was flying back the next day! What a sweetheart for making the effort to come all the way here to make an appearance in such a remote place for just one day!




Afterwards we had another break before another exciting performance: Florence and the machine! I have been a fan for a long time, and Britain LOVES her to! You could tell everyone in the crowd was excited to see her! The goddess turned out to have a broken foot, yet instead of canceling she perseveired and gave us an amazing show. We didn’t get to see the crazy, eccentric Florence do her Florence thing on stage; jumping and dancing, but her performance was still awesome. She was so sweet and lovable, really taking her time to connect with the audience and telling us fun stories of her experiences from big Weekend when she was younger, and the fact that her brother was there in the crowd (as he goes to UEA) and that he was looking for a girlfriend. Haha, bet he was well embarrassed 😛 I knew pretty much all her songs by heart, and so did a majority of the crowd, and the collective singing was heart warming. Florence’s voice is absolutely incredible too!  She sang songs from her new album as well as the classics, and the mix was wonderful. Songs included “What The Water Gave Me”, “Sweet Nothing”, “Only if for a night”, “Ship to Wreck”, “Shake it Out”, “What kind of man” and “Dog days are over”. The last one was an absolute hit, and everyone was dancing!



Lastly was Muse headlining on the main stage and brilliantly finishing off the perfect day! Luke, Katha and I stayed to watch while Jodie and David headed off home to get ready for a night out at the LCR. Their performance was so incredible and their stage presence was powerful and theatrical. I know Luke is quite the fan and his face lit up under their show! They played some of my favourites, including “Supermassive black hole”, “Uprising” and “Knights of Cydonia”. The special effects were incredible too, with flying baloons everwhere, lights, smoke etc. After the show ended we headed home exhausted, and when I layed down on my bed I think I could actually feel my feet singing of relief.


A video posted by Eleanor charnock (@elliemacha) on May 24, 2015 at 2:31pm PDT



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