Frank’s bar and pimping a barrow

Today has been a good day! I started off fresh and early and got all my grown up work done in the morning, including emails, visas, finance, applications etc. I managed to get nearly everything done, I am now only waiting for a person to get back to me about student accommodation (I managed to make a complete mess of everything and now I lost my offer for a specific room, so now waiting for another offer). Sorting everything was a relief as well as the exam stress burden being lifted off my shoulders, and the day seemed immidiately brighter. The rest of the day could therefore be enjoyed in it’s rainy splendour! David, Jodie and I (all done with exams now) went into town to buy the finishing supplies for the barrow themed event we are attending tomorrow. On the bus we played “hangman” and “Pictionary” on the steamy windows, and it was delightfully funny!


Tummies rumbling (no breakfast yet), we headed straight for a bite to eat at a cosy place called Frank’s bar! Here we enjoyed a delicious brunch which set us up for a long day of trecking around charity shops looking for props. We shared a platter of fresh bread, with olives, balsamic vinegar and humous. For main I had avokado on toast with a poached egg, with a Chai Latte.





After brunch we did some errands and a lot of walking on the hunt for a baby doll (you’ll see). Back home we started pimping our barrow in preperations for tomorrow. Excitiiing!

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