Pimp my barrow

Yesterday was a fabulous day in the sun with my friends! The day before we had “pimped our barrow” and our theme was the Kardashians. For those who don’t know who they are (mum), they are a famouse family that have their own reality show. They are particularly known for their big bottom. David was the mother Kris Jenner, Jodie was one of the three sisters Kim Kardashian, Emily was Khloe Kardashian, and I was Kourtney Kardashian. After a lot of fake tan, fake hair spray colour, stuffing, false eyelashes and make up the finished product was pretty eyecatching!

Pimp my barrow1


Canon EOS M1

Canon EOS M





In the afternoon we headed into uni in the square where there were tons of people dressed up in costumes and enjoying the sun. We got so much response for our costumes, people coming up to us and praising our idea!The event itself was for charity, and was a pub crawl into town. The crawl was a rollercoster ride, first Jodie fell and scraped up her leg and some medical people on bikes had to clean it up, the wheel barrow then later on toppled over, and lastly I had a half an hour panic when I thought I had lost my phone. Luckily, a sweet sweet guy had picked it up and answered us when we tried to call it, and arranged to meet us at the next pub! Apart from that it was a great day, with lots of laughter!






When we got back we ordered pizza and then i died of exhaustion (even though we only managed 2 pubs) and went to bed, whilst the rest of the kardashians went out to the LCR.

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