Selling my car

The dreaded day has arrived. My car is on the market and waiting for a buyer (hopefully there will be one very soon!). I know it’s the right thing to do, considering I am moving to Australia for a year and won’t be coming home during that time, it will only sit around doing nothing and drop in value. Also, I need the money. I want to have the most amazing time in Australia and I need to start saving for my own place after uni! Selling it is still very sad though! My car is my baby. It has been such a symbol of personal freedom, and taught me so much about responsibility and economy. We’ve been on some journeys too both alone and with friends, and my car has had the truly blessed honour of being the main stage for my singing. It was a wonderful gift from my parents for my 18th birthday, although I didn’t physically have it until January the following year. For my birthday they gave me a pillow with a Fiat 500 on it, as this was originally the car I was intending to get. However, when it came to buying my parents wanted me to test another car so to compare with the Fiat, and after I did some research on Finn (my parents had some criteria for safety etc.) I found my baby Mazda. I tried both the Fiat and the Mazda and there was no doubt in my mind which one I liked best. After sleeping on it for a night we then went and bought my red beauty. My parents buying my car was absolutely the kindest thing they have ever done, and I appreciate it so much! The gift was also intended as a two in one gift, as when I sold it the money would be mine to keep and go towards university and future house etc.





Driving to school and picking up my friends was one of my main sources of joys during videregående, especially considering what a route I used to have to take before. I was so proud too, my car seemed to always stay shiny and pretty! Being able to come home to a car during breaks at uni has also been great! Not needing to be dependant on my parents to drive me around to friends etc. has definitely been a relief for both myself and my parents. Road trips have also been so so fun ❤ She has  always been such a pleasure to drive and she will be truly missed.

Me and my car







3 thoughts on “Selling my car

  1. For en søt bil! Skjønner deg godt, å eie en bil er nesten selve symbolet på frihet etter mange år med bussing rundt omkring. Plutselig kan man dra hvor man vil når man vil! Jeg måtte skrote min gamle Ford Escort her i vår etter å ha hatt den i ti år (!), og det var en trist affære selv om jeg hadde kjøpt meg en ny og bedre bil. Jaja, vi har i alle fall minnene 😉 Haha. Og pengene vil jo gå til noe du trenger! Kanskje det blir en Fiat 500 i framtiden da? 😀

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