The build up

So it is less than a week until I leave for Australia! These last couple of weeks have been lovely, with preparation and catching up with friends. I have cut my hair short again, been for tapas and mexican girls nights with various friends! I have even walked vidden again with Katarina and Eidi, going up Ulriken (and nearly dying from the pain) across the “vidden” and down Fløyen before having a traditional post-hike burger at Inside. A cheaky sushi for lunch with Eidi was also a must before I leave again! We tried some new types, one with deep fried scampi, cucumber, avocado, topped with strawberries, and another with salmon, prawn, philadelphia cheese and cucumber, topped with spring onion and they both were delicious.


Most excitingly I went shopping and bought myself a new wardrobe for “down under”. I can’t remember the last time I went properly shopping, it must be going on for two years since my wardrobe had a significantly large contribution of new things. I had such a successful shopping trip, and almost everything I tried on fitted and looked good (or maybe I am just getting more realistic about what my body can suit) and I even treated myself to some puurdyyy shoes and remembered that I had a pair at home which I bought in Gran Canaria which are also perfect! So as I am so proud of my new clothes I am gonna treat you to the rare “todays new buys” which seems to be such an integrated part of blogging and I as I am of course such a fashionista.


However in more crappy news, my visa might have a mistake which I need to get sorted out asap before I leave, and my phone decided to break. I will get it fixed for free, as it was no fault of my own, but I highly doubt it will be in time for my departure. Sooo… Arg… Also, my car doesn’t seem to be selling as quickly as I had hoped, and I don’t know how to organize that from abroad. I really don’t want to loose a lot of money on it and have it sitting around for a whole year. Also, two of my beautiful piercings have officially closed up and the doctor said there is nothing they can do and I just need to get them repierced again if I want to (money).

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