The day before

So I’m not sure if my collection of stuff to be packed on the photo bellow so far can be distinguished from a normal holiday. Haha, the snorkelling gear definitely doesn’t add to the seriousness of moving away for an entire year. Isn’t that always the case with packing though? I always find all the fun stuff to pack first, and then heave in all the boring stuff like jumpers, underwear and books right at the end! I wouldn’t say packing for a holiday and packing to live abroad is much different though. I am still limited to one suitcase, and so I don’t even attempt to fill it with anything else than clothes, toiletries and some electronics. Bedding, cutlery etc. has to be all bought down there anyway! I like to consider myself a little bit of a packing expert, as I have been doing it back and forth from Norway to England for two years now. Although I do seem to have accumulated a lot of clutter at 1 Friends Road.


Yesterday I said my goodbyes to Malin, Eidi and Katarina, and the day before I went out with my lovely videregående friends! It was a lot of fun actually! Pre drinks was dominated with laughter, games and catching up time. In town we didn’t really get ourselves organized enough to go anywhere in particular, but we did manage to pop by a couple of clubs. My fave moment was going to TGI Fridays where my friend Maria bought us all a strawberry daiquiri, which was so nice of her! Afterwards Maria, Eidi and I went and sat by the docks, looking over towards Bryggen and just talked before heading home.



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