A ferry trip to Manly

On Sunday we decided to take the ferry to Manly, an area outside Sydney that was highly recommended in the travel brochures. I think in retrospect that you could spend at least a day or two here, the walks around the area looked amazing! There was also apparently some great places to snorkel and surf, and plenty of lovely places to eat (particularly fish, which I have absolutely nooo problem with) and shop! On the ferry you got an amazing view of Sydney opera house with the skyline in the background too, and more of Sydney surroundings from the bay towards Manly.




When we arrived we were met with beautiful beaches, boats in the harbour, and clear white sands. As it was the weekend, we were also met with a LOT of people, both tourists and local Australians spending their Sunday there! I would have preferred a little less people there, but then again what am I to say, I am a tourist too! Our first activity on the Island was visiting the local Marine Sanctuary which has a breed, rescue and protection programme. The sanctuary was set up like an aquarium though, so you got to really enjoy all the creatures there! One of the main attractions was the shark tunnel that had huge grey nurse sharks and others in them! They really are mean looking things, but also so beautiful! My other favourite moment was watching the sea horses and tiny little cuttlefish, they are so beautiful!




Afterwards we went for a spot of lunch and headed towards Manly beach through the main street. We settled for a place called Fushion Point, which did lots of fishy stuff but also some other stuff for my not so fish fan brother. The restaurant was just behind the main promenade looking out towards Manly Beach, which was so beautiful. I was definitely getting Spanish vibes on that day.






During lunch we could plan a little what we wanted to do for the rest of the day (which had seemed to go way to quickly, and it wasn’t more than a couple of hours to sunset) and decided we wanted to hire some bikes and go round the neighbourhood and local reserve. Disappointingly they were all allready booked out, so we just decided to go for a walk instead, which was equally as nice! The walk went along the beach, around some Australian streets, into a park and in a reserve, before heading back to the ferry and home!  The area was so beautiful, and the little we saw of the reserve was still stunning! So many beautiful plants and trees, it really did feel like you were in a rainforest, although we only followed the main road.




Manly, Sydney






Manly, Sydney

Manly, Sydney

Manly, Sydney

Manly, Sydney

Manly, Sydney

Manly, Sydney

Manly, Sydney

Manly, Sydney

Manly, Sydney

Manly, Sydney

Manly, Sydney

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