Exam results from year 2 and my recap of my second year

So omg..  what a streessfull couple of days I have just had! I am in Wollongong now, and unfortunately very behind on the blog front as I have been internetless for about a week now. Posts from Canberra, Bateman’s bay and Jervis bay are on their way, but with the internet not working in my room yet, and with so many other priorities and activities coming up at uni, they aren’t coming anytime soon! I moved into my accommodation a couple of days ago, and am settling in nicely! The two (out of 5 I think) flatmates I have met seem really nice and friendly, and the flat is spotless and cosy! I think I will do just fine here ❤ But more on that later! I haven’t even really had time to recap and think about the year that has just passed before I am thrown into the next one! My exam results were actually only published 6 days before I had my first orientation day at UOW! I was scarily nervous (as exams are my arch enemy), but I did it! Again! I am so so so relived, I feel like I can justify my year abroad and not need to worry about not meeting academic standards here in Australia. I have reached UEA’s target, and I am free to start my education here in Australia!

results yr 2 2

I passed my second year with a 2:1, and this counts towards my final degree! I couldn’t be happier! As per usual though, my exams pulled me down, so I definitely know my area of focus for my year in Australia, as well as for my final year in England! Hopefully I can use this year abroad as a test runner for my final year, perfecting the skill of being a good, organised, hard-working student!

resultssresults yr 2 4 results yr2 5

I don’t even really know how to start summarising this year, it has been absolutely amazing! Firstly, I have had a great time moving into a real house with my friends on Friends road. It has been a wonderful first house, despite the mould, the cold and the mess. watching tele and hanging out with friends in the living room, eating way to much dominos pizza and generally feeling closer to each other has been a real change and treat from last year, where the only common rooms were the kitchen and bathrooms. Paying bills and taking charge of keeping the house from falling apart has also been another step towards adulthood and something I feel comfortable with now! Another aspect of the house which I have enjoyed is walking home from class and getting off the campus to an actual real neighbourhood. Walking home with Steph and Maya after classes has been lovely, and definitely something I will miss when I return! Which brings me on to the sad thing from this year; it was as you probably know my final year with a lot of my friends, as they will be graduating during my year abroad, and so when I return for my final year they will all have finished! So sad I can’t even think about it.. I am gonna miss so many of them! It’s so strange how people come into your life and make such an impact! Two years together through the academic struggle of uni We have learned a lot from each other and somehow helped each other survive (honestly I would have been a mess without their reassurance, explanations and cooperation. Ehem, especially stats).


My other favourite part of this year is my growth in confidence academically, and the opportunities I have had through my course! Seriously, if you love the natural world and travel, ecology at UEA is the best place to go (even if you aren’t on a year abroad!). Since the beginning of my second year I have been to two new countries and I have experienced completely new habitats and environments, as well as cultures! Ireland was the most beautiful place I have ever seen, with lush green fields flowing endlessly, with beautiful little houses set amongst the greenery, beautiful mountains and beaches. Every corner was a picture perfect moment! And then there was Swaziland, which was so exciting and new. The trip allowed me to visit Africa for the first time, and experience the glorious African wildlife. It was so special standing in the path of the great giraffe, gazing at the clearest, starriest skies I have ever seen with friends during the evening, whizzing along dirtroads in the backseat of a Toyota pick up truck, and even looking into the eyes of a wild elephant. How can anything trumph those moments?

Second year done.. two years left! How is this going so quickly???

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