Canberra – Parliament House and Lake Burley Griffin

After Mittagong we drove to Canberra, the capitol of Straya. As usual mum did well with finding the apartment, with big beds and Jacuzzis. Just a tad spoilt, I know 😛







In Canberra weather was wet and cold, so we opted for a day more inside and visited the Parliament house! Expectations low, I was pleasantly surprised! Even from the outside the Parliament house didn’t look that great, but when we got inside everything was different. The architecture was impressive and there was tons to do and see, and you could just walk around freely and take everything in your own pace! There were lots on show, diagrams showing how their system worked, important bills and the official apologies from the Australian government to the Aborigines’ and Torres Straight Islanders’ Lost Generations, and to the child migrants from Britain in the 1950s. In addition to this, we actually got to see the House of Representatives and The Senate, as it was a Sunday and all the politicians weren’t working.









After Parliament we trotted down towards the lake and stopped for lunch at the National library. Best library food I have ever had, I had a delicious juice made from apple, pineapple, kale and fennel. Sounds gross, but seriously, best juice I have ever tasted.




After lunch we strolled along the lake and admired the statues and flags along the route. Our impressions of Canberra were good, but in all honesty, it felt a bit empty. The city was designed by an American specifically to be a capitol merely a hundred years ago, and it feels like they went a bit overboard with the scale of things! You definitely need to use a bike or a car to get around! You get the impression it’s a forced capitol, rather than the more obvious options like the more alive cities like Sydney or Melbourne. The whole point of Canberra though was to avoid the rivalry between these two cities, and centre the government in it’s own city, rather than in the business and commercial areas.



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