Jervis Bay

After Bateman’s Bay we drove along the coast to Jervis Bay! Unfortunately the weather was not our friend for this part of the journey and we had a couple of wet days! Still, some of my favourite days are from this place, including the whale watching trip and seeing wallabies for the first time! The area was stunning too, with the whitest beaches and the bluest waters, even on a rainy day!




The whale watching was the sunniest of our days, and we were so lucky to actually see humpback whales on the “Humpback Highway”, migrating along the coast. Humpbacks are easily identified by their humped dorsal fin, knobs along the back end  of the whale towards the tail, as well as distinctive white on the underside of their tails. A thrilling experience! When we spotted them the boat set into neutral for us to enjoy them, and the everyone’s great enjoyment the whales even approached the boat! They were so close you could hear them breathing through their blow-hole when they reached the surface! We also saw bottle nose dolphins, a fur seals, and a little penguin, but these were dwarfed from the thrill of seeing a whale!








The next day Mum and I had a girls day out in the National Park, doing the board walks and learning about the vegetation of Australia. Very interesting, we learned about the first succession species to return after a forest fire, and all other adaptations these plants have done in combat of the extreme temperatures and forest fires! Hardy, water saving features, like small, rubbery leaves and delayed seed germination dominated in the vegetation. On this day was our first encounter with wallabies, which are most visibly smaller than kangaroos. We got really close to them when we encountered them, and we think their docile behaviour and little fear of humans are due to the fact that there are few natural large predators in Australia, and these animals have had no need to adapt to this threat.

IMG_9403a (3)



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