First weeks in Wollongong

Time really does fly! Can’t believe it’s been two weeks here already! The days have been an emotional roller-coaster and lots of activities. My family have now left me and are back home in Norway, but I am glad we had some super final days together before they left, including going on the Illawarra Treetop walk, seeing the Nan Tien Temple, and going to “The lagoon” restaurant for a delicious meal!

Other than that life is finally starting to settle down a bit, after a lot of struggle with internet, changing subjects (genetics was too hard for my level of knowledge on the subject) and making routine. My subjects now are Biodiversity of Terrestrial Organisms, Shaping Earth’s surfaces, Science research internship and Indigenous Knowledges: a Global Perspective. I have met some really nice people now, including a bunch of internationals from the Blue Mountains trip I went on last weekend! My room is finally looking a little lived in now too, although it could still use a couple more posters! My flat looks so adorable too, with lots of couches, a TV, cool decorations, a nice kitchen and even a balcony! My flatmates are so nice too, I think we are going to get along well! They are also the cleanest, most considerate flatmates I have ever lived with, apart from my Mum, which is a lovely surprise! Stuff is just always clean, the place smells normal and we even help do each others dishes! Haha, sorry English flatmates 😛 But I mean, who wouldn’t keep this place clean when it looks this good! I can’t believe this is student accommodation!







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