Mt. Keira hike

Today I finally got round to walking up Mt. Keira! It has been teasing me for the last three weeks because everywhere I go you can see it, and so it was about time I did something about it! Originally I was going to to with my buddy, but she was busy, so it ended up just being Shawnee, Max, Steven and I! Luckily Shawnee and Max had been up it before, so they could lead the way! The hike itself was like any hike, painful, but in retrospect it was pretty decent! If I was in better shape, it would have probably been a breeze, although there were quite a lot of steps! We started from the bottom at UOW and made our way up, through the jungle! On the route we could hear the most beautiful, exotic bird song, and every corner it was a new picture of lush, green, forest! We walked along the Mt. Pleasant track, to the Mt. Keira ring track and then onwards to the Dave Walsh’s track which took us to the five island lookout point and the main Mt. Keira lookout point, looking over Wollongong! On route we stopped at some cool rocks and did some exploring, as well as a little secluded lookout point close to the five island lookout point (which is actually closed as there is a risk of rock fall). I made Steven pose for a funny photo where he looks like he is falling off the cliff to send to his family (don’t worry mum, it was safe).









At the top we got a beautiful view of Wollongong and Port Kembla, and could spot Campus East, The Nan Tien Temple and the lighthouse! On the way back we saw a group of yellow tailed black cockatoos making a lot of noise and an Australian brush turkey. I definitely need to hike up there more, it would definitely get me into shape! There are so many trails you can walk too, so there is plenty more to explore! P.s. I couldn’t chose which pictures of the view I liked the best, so I just had to include all of them (very sorry) 😛


Australia rest of the time








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