Eat Street Market

Today has been a set back to my busy schedule! I was so tired from the day before I decided to take it steady and just relaxed for the day. Sometimes you need those days! I watched a couple of episodes of Friends, binged a bit of Dance Moms on Youtube, and did some shopping at Coles with Jennifer, but then I suddenly realized that I am in fact in Australia and shouldn’t waste my entire day inside. A quick talk with Shawnee and a bus ride later we were in town (with Steven and Max) to check out the Eat Street Market in the main shopping street. A delightful sight, there were plenty of locals there tucking into something exotic and yummy, there was live music and colourful street lights in the evening darkness.



The atmosphere was buzzing, but in a calm and cosy way with just the right amount of people. This event is an outdoor night hot food market, with food stalls selling cuisine and street food from all over the world, including Polish, Chinese, Turkish, German, Australian and many other countries and culture’s. The theme was definitely fresh, organic and quality (something the founders of the market are passionate about according to their website). There were places to sit to listen to the live music, which was the perfect way to enjoy a bite to eat! I treated myself to a delicious truffle beef burger, which I really loved! Shawnee and I also got a little dessert, a delicious Belgium hot chocolate and brownie from what we thought was the cutest stall of the market. The hot chocolate was exactly what I needed to keep me warm in the cold evening weather. The hot chocolate disappeared worryingly quickly, whilst I sitting and listening to the calm indie music by the local band called VanderAa and talking to my friends.



It was such a pleasant event and there was SO much delicious food there, I definitely need to return! Afterwards when we couldn’t take the cold anymore we went to mine and watched Big Hero 6, which is such a funny, heartwarming film. Now it’s bedtime and internship tomorrow!

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