I broke my foot surfing

Haha, yes you heard correctly.. I managed to break my ankle this weekend whilst surfing! So… let’s start from the beginning. On Friday evening I packed my bags and headed towards North Wollongong Train Station to get picked up by the Surf Camp team for the most Australian weekend of my life, with Steven, Shawnee, Max and many others! Arriving at the campsite we were greated by the funniest, most joyous guy I had ever met, Shane, who welcomed us, gave us the timetable, instructions and room allocations. Steven, Shawnee, Max and I all lumped together in room 1, with three other lovely people who were on English exchange (one from Chile, Spain and Austria). After packing out and settling in (and seeing the local possum who apparently pops by ever so often for treats) we went to bed, excited about the day to come!



The next day we got up bright and early and got ready for a day of surfing! After getting our wetsuits on we headed down to the beach! Here they made us warm up a bit by jogging before splitting us into groups of eight and meeting our instructors. Our instructor was called Jose, and he was so lovely and good at explaining! With techniques been told and practice rounds on the sandy, sturdy beach he eventually let us loose on the waves in the ocean. We ran out so full of optimism, but I know for many that was quickly crushed by the reality of the situations. The waves were big, scary and frequent, and so I never had time sort myself out before another one hit me. I inevitably went under a LOT and drank like half the ocean. After about half an hour of sprawling around in the water though, the overwhelmingless of the waves became more familiar and I felt like I had more control.









Time to try stand up! After a lot of effort, many attempts and a lot of swallowed seawater I got about halfway up and was very excited about it! We then stopped for lunch and a break before heading out again and having another go! For lunch we got to relax and enjoy the campsite atmosphere, making friends and chilling in the hammocks! The camp was so pretty!












With help from my surf instructor I actually managed to stand up, and surf with the wave! I managed this twice, before I decided it was probably time to give up an head back to shore! However, filled with the exhilarating feeling of having managed to surf, I convinced myself with Shawnee that we should do one more wave, and that with the help of the surf instructors we would race! Both standing on our boards and racing it was all laughter and smiles! But then it happened: I eventually started getting close to shore and then I lost my balance and started falling off. I thought there was more of a depth of water and so my impact towards the water was quite strong, feet first. Within milliseconds I smashed into the ground on an angle of my foot, and it crumpled beneath me, and I went down. Howling like a baby, the instructors came to my rescue and carried me to shore, where I continued to whale like a baby and hyperventilate. With the help of more instructors they carried me to the van and back to camp where I was shortly picked up by the ambulance. Truly embarrassed over the drama of the situation I had stirred, I was worried it was something irrelevant like a bruise and that I was wasting everyone’s time and being a wuss. They wanted me to go to hospital though, and so after a hit of morfin I was riding along in the ambulance with Shawnee coming along for support. At the hospital the wait was long but eventually they got a scan and they confirmed: I had broken my ankle. My fibula, to be exact. The next painful step was the bathroom visit, followed by another, more painful scan. And then the worst.. They started casting my foot, and gave me laughing gas for the pain. I was sipping a bit, but I felt no need as the pain was somewhat bearable. Then with no warning she pressed my foot back into a flatter position, and I screamed in agony. “This is what the laughing gas is for Ellie, start sucking”! In absolute tears and screams I was gasping for the laughing gas air between my hyperventilation. THIS readers, is the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life. It was no other than torture. Eventually the pain weared down after it was cast, and after some proceedings I was allowed to go back to camp.



So there you have it.. I am currently back home now, after spending Sunday morning at Surf Camp. Everyone there was so lovely and helpful, I really appreciated it! I am currently lying in my bed, not really knowing what to do next. Even going to the bathroom is a struggle, and taking a shower this morning was a right mission! Hoping someone will do take away with me tonight, cause I feel like some comfort food and not needing to haul myself to the kitchen.. Upset I am gonna have to miss out on so much fun stuff these next 6-8 weeks, and that all my plans of getting into shape are going to have to go on hold. Also, I have no idea how I am going to go to uni and attend classes!

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