One big step

Today was my first day out of the flat, in an attempt to try and get back into the uni life. It backfired. Massively. It started off well, I got a lift with people from campus who were car pooling to save parking fees, as i thought it would be less effort than taking the bus, but it turned out to be a big mistake as they parked at the car park furthest away from uni. So actually, it was further than if I had just taken the bus in the first place. The car park was on the far end of campus, and the bio building which I needed to get to was at the other far end. I proceeded to walk, but it was a hundred times more difficult than I had first thought. My arms were just not strong enough to carry my entire weight on crutches, and it was so tiring I had to stop at nearly every sitting point I could find. I proceeded to cry on several occasions from the frustration of it all. Eventually, an hour later I managed to get to the half way point (the library). I plonked myself down on a chair infront of a computer and started to seek help. It was just too much for me, I was so frustrated and (quite unsuccessfully) trying to hold back the tears, and I all I knew was that I needed to go home. My foot felt like it weighed a ton and I was just not fit enough to carry myself around on just my arms. I smelled gross from bathing myself in sweat trying to make it to my destination, and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Eventually and hour later my buddy Jen appeared online on Facebook and I asked her if she was able to drive me home. Luckily she was om campus and was happy to do so, and so she helped me home. The relief of a friendly face and a helping hand really was a comfort and was really appreciated. Not long later I was in my room, sprawled out on the bed, where I could proceed to cry in peace. Luckily, the girl I was going to help today said not to worry if I didn’t make it inn, so I explained to her I tried, but it was just too much. I then threw down two pain killers which proceeded to make me fall asleep for 4 hours. When I woke up, I had a nice talk with my Dad, who could offer kind words of support and love. I really miss my parent’s right now, I could so use their love and help.

So there you have it. I feel like I have hit rock bottom today. I truly feel awful, and I have no idea how I am going to even go to ANY classes with this cast if it takes me an hour to cross merely half the campus. I feel like never leaving my flat ever again.


IMG_9913 Where you will find me the next two months (my flats).

2 thoughts on “One big step

  1. Hei!

    Fant ikke noen annen måte å kontakte deg på enn å legge igjen en kommentar, så først vil jeg bare si at du har utrolig mange flotte bilder på bloggen 🙂

    Jeg skal studere i England nå til høsten og hadde satt stor pris på om du hadde orket å svare på noen spørsmål.
    jeg skal starte på en bachelorgrad og har allerede tenkt at jeg vil ta et utvekslingsår. Noe som fører til at bacheloren blir utvidet til 4 år i stedet for 3 år.

    Siden du er på utveksling fra England nå, lurer jeg på om du også tar en bachelorgrad over 4 år?
    I såfall, kan man få støtte fra lånekassen for et fjerde år? Jeg antar at du får støtte derfra, som de fleste norske utenlandsstudenter gjør 🙂
    Dersom jeg drar på utveksling slipper jeg å betale skolepenger for det året, altså betaler jeg skolepenger for 3 år, men jeg trenger støtte til boplass, mat osv. for 4 år.
    Vet du hvordan dette fungerer eller kan du fortelle litt om hvilken støtte du får fra lånekassen?

    Ønsker deg en fin dag!
    Hilsen stresset (snart) utenlandsstudent

    • Hei! Så kjekt du har tenkt deg til England! Jeg lover deg det blir bra! Jeg skal svare deg på mail, så har du alt liggende der når du trenger det!

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