Pick myself up

Okay, so my last posts haven’t exactly oozed with joy and happiness. I have definitely taken a backlash these last couple of days, as I have finally had to come to accept that I need to change my life for the next two months. I have realized that things are going to happen at a much slower pace and my goals and target’s for the day are going to have to be minimal. If I can accept that I might find things a lot less frustrating. I also have to remember that this is only two months, and although right now I am suffering from the FOMO (fear of missing out), I am here for an entire year and stuff can wait! I am not going to get to do less, I am just going to have to do it later. Also, it will be something I can look forward to! Beaches, hikes, markets and more aren’t going to disappear in two months time. I am just going to have to wait patiently before I can go. Also, I need to actually stress down when it comes to university, as I have to remind myself that I only need to pass this year. I was originally planning on being  really on top of things this year and do really well, to prove myself that I am ready for my fourth and final year in England, but there is always next semester. I have fast become very behind, and so I am going to have to accept that this is the situation, and I am just going to have to deal with it as best I can. Showers, making meals, resting and toilet visits have become big elements of my day now, and to attempt uni on top of that is going to be very strenuous. I have decided I am only going to attend practicals and seminars, and watch lectures (where they never check attendance) online from home. At least then I am only having to go into uni three days a week, aka Monday for bio practical, Wednesday for shaping earth’s surfaces practical, and Tuesday/or Friday for internship.



As for things to look forward too, I have some big news! Steven, Shawnee, Max and I are going roadtripping this (Australian) summer holiday!! The car, which I think is a Toyota Corolla, is now booked with JUCY Rentals and so it’s official! As Steven and I are the only licensed drivers, we will the ones driving, and the journey will take place along the East Coast from Sydney to Cairns for 29 days between the 15th of December to the 15th of January! Next step is to plan an itinerary and route, buy some tents and prepare for a month of camping life! Also, at some point after that adventure I will hopefully be meeting up with Mari for some more travelling! Ahhh I need money money money!



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