Oh Great

So I went to the doctors today and the news was not great. Turns out I need an operation this week, and that it will be infact 12 weeks until i can walk unsupported, not 6 like they originally told me. So 6 weeks in a cast and then another 6 weeks in a moon boot. Even when it is all off, I am not allowed to jog or hike, or walk on unstable ground for a while until i get my strength up. I am worried for the operation, as they will be opening my leg and putting pins inside. I am worried about the potential things that could go wrong during and after. Upset if this ruins my summer plans, especially as this semester has gone to pot. Okay and I am sorry for the graphical image, but Jesus.. This was what my foot looked like today when the took of the old cast. I’ve actually edited this photo less vibrant so it looks a little less groteske on the blog.



On the bright side everyone around me has been so helpful and considerate! Steven has made me some lovely meals so I haven’t needed to cook, my flatmates have come to my room at every request, helped me with my food shopping, Shawnee has helped me at the hospital, and picked flowers (for my herbarium) and so many people have messaged me in support! Today my Buddy Jennifer drove me to the hospital and stayed with for the duration of the visit, which was really nice of her and made my life so much easier! Afterwards I broke my “no McDonalds in Australia rule” and we went for some comfort food! Tonight Hannicke has decided we need to watch a happy film and have some snacks to cheer me up, and I am so excited for it!

I guess I just have to try and stay positive and keep on trying to smile!





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