Hospital sleepover

Today has been a long day, as I finally had surgery. I was originally going in for the operation yesterday, but after talking to one of the nurses and then waiting for two hours, they unfortunately had to send me home again, as they were overworked. Today things were a lot smoother. I only had to wait 30 min before they took me in and started drugging me up. Whilst I was waiting to go into the anesthetic room I talked to a man and soon to be Dad for the first time to a little baby boy, which cheered me up! I hope it all went well for them! How strange that their lives will change forever, and I happen to speak to them hours before everything changed!



Nervous they rolled me into surgery and gave me the anesthetic whilst I glanced at the time which was 12.30, and 5 minutes later it all became dark. 14.30 I woke up drowsy, blurry, in tears and in a lot of pain. A lot more painkillers later, the pain went down and I proceeded to sleep until 17.00 when I woke up more concious. They then took me to the day surgery open area where I could sit up and have something to eat and drink. My Buddy Jen popped round with her Sister for a bit to check up on me, which was nice! They then moved me to a room with two other ladies where I would spend the night. They seem quiet, but I am a bit put off by one of them who I think must have some severe stomach issues, as she keeps (very loudly) burping like she is going to throw up all the time. I guess I just have to remember she is probably in a lot of pain and can’t help it!



I am staying the night as they want my foot strictly elevated at all times. I am kinda relieved I can stay, because I don’t feel capable of movement for a while, and here I have help 24/7. I have become quite the expert at using the potty, and although I felt naucious and was a little sick earlier, I feel better now and motivated to start my full recovery. I have had a nice chat with Mum, and texted Shawnee and Jen to see how their Birthday celebrations are going! Sad I couldn’t join them, I will have to make up for it some other time!



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