Grand Pacific Drive

Helluuu, today Dad and I went for a little road trip along the coast towards Sydney, to a place called Audley. The drive was the perfect outing for a poor disabled person like myself as we got to see a lot with minimal effort! On route we drove past pretty seaside towns and along the escarpment which eventually fell into the sea as stunning coastal cliffs. As we drove we had our windows down and could enjoy the wonderful breeze in the hot weather. Along the coast we stopped at Bald Hill Lookout Point on The Stanwell Tops. Here we had a beautiful view towards Wollongong and the cliffs! We decided it was perfect weather for an ice cream (it was in fact 24 degrees), and we enjoyed the treat with the view! We even enjoyed five min lying down in the grass by the edge of the lookout, although getting up again was a mighty struggle.

DSC_0147 IMG_20150912_123643

DSC_0149a DSC_0162a IMG_2104 IMG_2105

We continued onwards through the Royal National Park, with the roads weaving through the dense, lush green sub-tropical forests. Evntually we arrived at Audley, a beautiful little oasis in the middle of this dense forest; a large green patch of open grass with family and friends playing football and frisbee, next to a little lake whith people having fun in paddle boats and roing boats. In addition to this there was a cafe which we had lunch at in the cooler shade! Afterwards my leg was starting to play up from all the upright position and swelling so I laid down in the grass under the shade of a tree whilst my dad had a look around. Sitting there was so peaceful, just watching kids laugh and smile, and listen to all the bird sound. The laughing kookaburras were in the distance cackling away, and above me in the tree the cockatoos swooped by. Quite confused and interested in what probably looked like a dying human (I was sprawled shamelessly on the grass) the cockatoos and other birds approached me without fright and grazed around me, seeing me as no possible threat. One even swooped above me with inches to spare above my face when flying between branches. Afterwards we headed back home towards Wollongong (after yet another failed attempt at getting up from the ground on one leg).

IMG_20150912_172821 IMG_20150912_172954 IMG_20150912_151226 IMG_20150912_173535 DSC_0173

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