The problem with Facebook

Is that it reminds you of everything you are missing out on. This is so far what my year abroad has been about. Missing out on stuff. Events happening on campus, in Wollongong, or even in Sydney, events my friends have invited me on and pictures of events my friends actually did go on, unintentionally rubbing it into my face how AMAZING their year abroad is. So far I have lust added over 100 000 kr to my Student debt for what?.. A broken leg and a sucky experience. I have already missed out on an Aboriginal bush tucker guide on campus, The chocolate festival in Sydney, having to drop subjects to have even the slightest chance of passing this year, missed out on Birthday celebrations, and having to decline up and coming ones, and even an amazing field camp trip in two weeks time as part of Biodiversity subject. Everyone is out experiencing so much and bonding with other people, making friends, and seriously, I have basically bonded with my bed, and the only thing I am gaining right now is body fat. I feel so fucking lonely right now. Which reminds me of another wonderful thing that Facebook allows you to do. It allows you to see how many people are logged online, and how many people couldn’t give a rats ass about your situation. Not even my best friends have considered to drop me a message here and there in support or consideration, it seems to be I was the news of two weeks ago, and now I am old news and no one cares. I don’t think they realize how difficult and lonely this is on the other side of the planet.

If I could go back in time I would have so NOT gone.. this is the worst possible year abroad that exists. I can’t believe how much this is costing me, and how much waste of time this is.

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